Exp22_Word_Ch03_Cumulative Assessment_Academics

Exp22_Word_Ch03_Cumulative Assessment_Academics

Project Description:

As an executive assistant working in the Admissions Office at Carnes State University, you are involved with a research project that is exploring the relationship between student GPA and involvement in academic clubs and scholarly activities. Academic and extracurricular data from a random sample of students in the College of Business has been summarized in a Word table that will be included in a brief memo to others on campus. You edit and format the report, preparing it for final submission.


Start Word. Download and open   the file named Exp22_Word_Ch03_CumulativeAssessment_Academics.docx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename.


Click or move the insertion   point before the blank paragraph mark at the top of page 2. Using Century   Schoolbook font at 20-point size, type Carnes State University and press ENTER. Change the   font size to 16. Type Comparison of Student GPA and Involvement in College   Associations.   (Do not type the period.) Press ENTER. Check the document for spelling and   grammatical errors. All names in the table are correct.


Apply Align Center alignment to   the first row in the table. Click or move the insertion point after the last   entry in the last row, ending in 115.   Press TAB. Type the following data, tabbing between all entries except the   last. Leave cells blank that are marked with dashes. Do not type a dash in   the cell. Do not press TAB after the last item.
L0051899 Adams, Mary    Accounting 3.67 101
L0055558 Shockney, Maria Yes Yes  CIS 4.00 97


Right-click any name identified   as misspelled and from the shortcut menu, select Ignore All. Sort the table   by Major in ascending order and then by Name in ascending order, so that the   result is names sorted within each major, all in ascending order.


Indicate that Michael J. Simpson and Andrew Sams are both active in Delta   Mu Delta by typing Yes in the Delta Mu Delta column for each of those students.


Insert a row above the first row   in the table and merge all cells in the newly inserted row. Change the font   size to 16. Type Comparison of GPA and Student Involvement. (Do not type the period.)


Shade the first row in Gold,   Accent 4 (row 1, column 8). Select all text in the third row through the end   of the table, beginning with L0051899   and ending with 98. The table may   span two pages. Bold the selection.


Select the entire table. Select   a Pen Color of Gold, Accent 4 and a line weight of 1 ½ pt. Ensure that a   single line border is shown. Apply the selection to All Borders.


Insert a row below the last row   in the table. Type AVERAGE in the first cell on the new row. Press TAB six times to reach   the CSU Cum GPA column. Include a   formula that averages all values in the column above.


View the document in Multiple   Pages, noting that the table is split between two pages. Return the view to   100%. Select the first two rows. Click or navigate to the Table Layout tab   and select the option to repeat header rows.


Insert a row between Frederick Davidson and David Stumpe. Click in or move the   insertion point to the first cell of the new row and type the following   record, tabbing between cells. Do not type a dash in a cell. Leave the cell   blank.
L00500932 Johns, Lacey   Yes Yes Computer Science 3.89 130


Update the average in the last   row to reflect the addition of the new record. Insert a caption for the   table, ensuring that the label is Table   and that the caption shows below the table. Type Table 1: GPA and   Student Involvement.   (Do not type the period.)


Press ENTER twice. Insert text   from the file Sponsors.docx.


Select the newly inserted text,   from Sponsor through K177. It does not matter whether you   select the paragraph mark following K177,   but do not select the blank paragraph on the next line. Whether you select   the ending paragraph mark on the last line of the text is irrelevant. Convert   the selection to a table, confirming that the new table will include four   columns and four rows.


Right-click anywhere in the   selected table and from the shortcut menu, select Table Properties. Click or   navigate to the Column tab. Ensure that the Preferred Width check box is   selected and change the width to 2. Click or press OK. Apply a table design of Grid Table 4 –   Accent 4 (row 4, column 5 under Grid Tables). Change the font color of the   first row of the table to Black, Text 1.


Center the table horizontally on   the page. Insert a caption below the table that reads Table 2: Faculty Sponsors. (Do not type the period.)   Increase the indent of the caption by 0.5 inches.


Begin a mail merge for Letters   using Faculty.xlsx as the data   source. You will use the Sheet1$ worksheet. Note, Mac users select the text   file Faculty.csv as a recipient   list, responding affirmatively if asked to confirm any file conversion   activities.


Click or move the insertion   point before the paragraph mark following TO:   on page 1. Insert the merge field of Title.   Press SPACEBAR. Insert the merge field of First_Name. Press SPACEBAR. Insert the   merge field of Last_Name. Click   before the paragraph mark following DATE:   and type April 14, 2023.


Preview results and finish the   merge, editing individual documents and merging all. The merged document   should contain nine pages.


Select all of the merged   document and copy the selection. Display Exp22_Word_Ch03_CumulativeAssessment_Academics.docx,   move the insertion point to the end of the document, and insert a page break.   Paste all copied text, resulting in a 13-page document.


Save and close Exp22_Word_Ch03_CumulativeAssessment_Academics.docx.   Close all other open documents without saving. Submit Exp22_Word_Ch03_CumulativeAssessment_Academics.docx as directed.

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